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Author of the Month

My Secret Quill is pround to present this months author:
Dorian Mayfair, author of "The Secret Mistress" and other Victorian short stories.

About Dorian Mayfair

I am Dorian Mayfair, author of a small, but growing number of erotic short stories, ranging from a few thousand words to just-past-the-threshold-of-novella-length.

I live and study in Oxford at an undisclosed college and hope to remain here indefinitely: the ghosts of stories hide in every corner of this decadent, gothic marvel of a city. Visit Radcliffe Square at a starlit night and you will see what I mean.

I make my home together with my fiancée, writer, martial artist and secret corset model; my cat, a feline equivalent of the Dog of the Baskervilles; and a large dog who, for all I can tell, thinks he is a squirrel.


1.) What do you like about writing Victorian erotica and romance?

My Victorian-era writing is based on my passion for the period’s mystique and innate romantic glow; the atmosphere pervade its literature from large themes – the balls, the rituals and the art – to the language used by its contemporary authors. That said, I tend to, because of who I am, choose intense and physical passion above light romance. Not that there is anything wrong with more, shall we say cautious narratives; my taste in subjects and plots are merely matters of personal preference. To me, romance is inextricable from unrestrained and passionate lovemaking, and that is what I wish to portray.

2.) Are you left or right-handed?

Right. The prevalent ink spots are a dead giveaway.

3.) When is your favourite time to write?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, at night. I do, however, walk the streets all hours of the day in search of inspiration, and those moments are as crucial to writing as the act of putting the pen to the parchment.

4.) What is the first story you ever wrote?

It was in school when I was around fourteen. The story concerned a man who pictures a discarded wine bottle as a metaphor for his life while waiting for a coach at a station. It was, I wager, about as dull as it seems, however my teacher loved it and suggested that I should go on and write more. I have much to thank her for.

5.) Which kind of background research do you do?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t do enough. I imagine a setting, look up details with which I can frame it, and then quickly introduce my characters. It is a character flaw of mine; I tend to be too eager to let go of the reins to my characters when perhaps I should dedicate more time to investigate historical facts more.

6.) Coffee or tea?

Given what one might glean from the above as to the nature of my person, tea would seem the natural answer – but alas, I am a coffee-addicted soul.

7.) What inspires you to write?

Oxford, as mentioned above, but perhaps more importantly – people. We are such fickle beings, yet so helpless in the grip of lust. To lose ourselves in passion is the ultimate Grail, a flash in the twilight of our everyday, the sundrenched pinnacle of a mountainous gray noon. So, people, and passion. And Oxford.

8.) What is your favourite music?

I currently listen to Johnny Hollow – again and again, over and over. And also the official soundtrack to Downton Abbey by the London Chamber Orchestra.

9.) What are you reading right now?

“Dracula” by Bram Stoker. It’s…oh, you have heard of it? I am re-reading it because I recently bought a wonderful annotated edition from Blackwell that now sits in the middle of a strained bookshelf and makes adjacent books cower in fear.

10.) What are you writing about right now and when can we expect the next book release?

I am currently writing “A Secret Lover” a Victorian erotic short story. It features a maid who, during a grand autumn ball and in the midst of a series of mysterious events, makes a remarkable discovery in a courtyard barn – a discovery that brings her to the very brink of lethal passion.

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