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Victorian links:

Basic overview (Wikipedia)

Food and more from the Victorian era (youtube)

Read about corsets and crinolines in Victorian fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London:

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Regency Era but never dared to asked? Well, perhaps not, but this delightful little guide will give you an insight to the world behind Jane Austen.

A British place genrator (for fictive English house and manors):

A tresure chest for Victorian writers, everything about the 19th century London.

Write Erotica and Romance:

Advice on how to write erotica:

A good source for erotica writers and readers:

victorian quills

Merchandise links:

Beautiful necklaces and handmade jewellery from
Urban Accessories by Rio Rosso.

Elegant cases in leather with an elaborated design for your kindle or nook eBook reader.
Perfect for the modern Victorian reader!

Paperblanks absolutely wonderful journals, with thick elegant paper and covers. I use these for writing my short stories. (And yes, I actually do write all my stories by hand...)