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Meet the Author

Meet the author with the secret quill: Lady T. L. Jennings, a secretive writer who loves Victorian erotica and romance, afternoon tea, and small obedient dogs.

Q: Where do you live?
A: My residence is in Oxfordshire countryside on a secret location. Search, and you might find it…

Q: Is Lady T. L. Jennings truly your real name?
A: Why, of course. Well, almost. Oh well then, it is not – I prefer to write under a pseudonym. I am, however, a lady.

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I also love travelling and taking vintage photos. Here are some of my pictures:

venice vintage picturesHere are some vintage photos from London and Hyde Park wrapped in foggy mist and covered in autumn leaves...

venice vintage picturesIf you do not know where this picture is take, I shall think that you are a simpleton...

I spent a weekend looking for Mr Darcy in Bath last year.

venice vintage picturesVictorian Vintage fashion, straight from the 19th century. Join me as I travel back in time at the Victorian and Albert museum.

venice vintage picturesDartmoor,
eerie and endless moors. Spooky and beautiful in its own very special way.
I have written several stories set in Dartmoor. They tend to almost write themselves...

venice vintage picturesVenice is probably the most romantic and wonderful city I have ever travelled to and my journey inspired me to write “A Thief in the Night". Have a look behind the scenes that inspired the novella.



Q: When do you write?
A: Always after midnight, by the candlelight. I write all of my stories in longhand with a fountain pen.

writing stories longhand

Q: Where do you write?
A: Under my blanket. Or, occasionally, on the back of my lovers.

Q: What is your favourite tea?
A: Ahmand’s English Breakfast. Served with milk, of course. No sugar; I am sweet enough.

Would you like to know more?

victorian erotica author
The Victorian romance and erotica author Lady T. L. Jennings is evasive, secret, and perhaps even a tad bit mysterious...

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