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Immoral Intentions

Victorian gay short stories


“Immoral Intentions” is a collection of four newly written Victorian gay romantic and erotic novelette stories:
The Highlander’s Secret Desire
Lost in the Labyrinth
Nights in Vienna
Gentlemen under the Mistletoe

Product details:

Format: ebook
Category: Gay Victorian Romance and Erotica
Written: 2017
Length: 190 pages, 45,000 words
File size: 300KB
Publisher: Independently published by
My Secret Quill

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Please note: 'Immoral Intentions' contains erotic scenes including the practise of gay sex and is intended for adult readers only. The novel also include love and romance between men. (And lots of snogging.)

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Extracts from the stories:

Before Norbert had time to react, Ewan ruthlessly pursued his actions and pushed him up against the stone wall. He kissed him hungrily and pressed his body firmly against him. The other man gasped in surprise.

Ewan could feel his full length against his thigh under his damp kilt, which only made him more aroused and egged him on. For a short and frustrating moment, he struggled with the small buttons to the solicitor’s fine shirt before he simply ripped it open, not caring that he tore the fine material. A couple of unfortunate buttons flew in the air and landed on the ground around them.

- From “The Highlander’s Secret Desire”

“Get off!” I hissed while Valerie without remorse elbowed me firmly in the chest as she tried to be the first one out of the carriage and Ava pulled Kathy’s hair. “You are all acting like a horde of savages!” “Then move out of the way, Daniel!” “Let go of my parasol!”
“Daniel! Ava tried to bite me!”

To say that we left the carriage in a dignified and sophisticated manner would have been stretching the truth to its maximum. My only consolation was that Ashley Thornhill had not witness the embarrassing incident.

Thank God he is not here to greet us, I thought while I in vain tried to smooth my somewhat wrinkled frock jacket. We must look like newly escaped inmates from an asylum!

- From “Lost in the Labyrinth”

“Is this really sensible, Norton?” Jeremy asked. Unable to keep amusement from his voice he added, “Should I protest?”

“You can if you want to,” Alastair said with a low, warning growl. He pushed the door to his bedchamber open and almost shoved him towards the large four-poster bed. “But let me assure you, Abberton, it will do you absolutely no good.”

“What would you do if I protested, then?” Jeremy asked teasingly as Alastair locked the door behind them before he slowly advanced towards the bed.

“I do not know,” Alastair mumbled and firmly pushed Jeremy on his back before he crawled on top of him.

- From “Gentlemen under the Mistletoe”

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