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The Highlander’s Secret Desire

Highlander gay romance Scotland


Secret desires in the Scottish Highlands…

Ewan McKinley is the rugged steward at Glenbranter Keep, a neglected castle in a forgotten corner of the Scottish Highlands. His elderly master decided to change his will and has sent for a solicitor from Manchester.

However, the solicitor, Mr Norbert Pritchard, is absolutely nothing that Ewan expects. Tall, broad-shouldered, and with a deep voice that is impossible to resist, Ewan is instantly attracted to him.

Unfortunately, Norbert Pritchard is also annoyingly aloof and pretentious–and even worse, he seems completely uninterested in Ewan’s sinful suggestions, despite the fact that Ewan is entirely convinced of their mutual secret desire…

Product details:

Format: ebook
Category: Gay Victorian Romance and Erotica
Written: 2017
Length: 32pages, 13000 words
File size: 300KB
Publisher: Independently published by
My Secret Quill

gay romance Victorian

First 100 words:

The heavy sledgehammer hit the white-hot horseshoe against the iron anvil with a loud clang and a shower of sparks rained down on the muddy courtyard ground.

Ewan lifted the horseshoe with black metal tongs and inspected it closely.
“That should do it,” he said and lowered it into a wooden barrel of cold rainwater at the outdoor smithy that was located next to the stable.

The water hissed angrily as the hot metal touched the surface, and the grey dapple mare that was tied up outside the stable nickered nervously and took a couple of short steps to the side.

Tags: Men in kilt, gay erotica, Scottish Highlands, mysterious stone circles, MM romance

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About this story

I wrote “The Highlander’s Secret Desire” because I think the world need more erotic stories that includes men wearing kilts! (Because, really, what’s not to like?)

Glenbranter Keep doesn’t exist in the real world, however it was heavily inspired by St. Andrews Castle, which I had the opportunity to visit earlier this spring when I was in Scotland during a weekend.

There are more than 1,000 stone circles in the United Kingdom, including the Stonehenge, but some of them are much older and historians still debate why they were built and to which purpose.

(I will leave it entirely up to the reader to find out if the stones will whisper back to them or not if you ask them a question…)

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