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Under the Full Moon

werewolf erotic victorian story


Doctor Henry Blythe has moved from Edinburgh to Perth after a heartbreaking divorce. He has vowed never remarry or fall in love again with a woman. However that was before he met Anne, a strange and mud-stained girl with long entangled blond hair. Who is she and will she manages to claim his heart and body again?

Product details:

Format: ebook
Category: Victorian romance and erotica
Written: 2011
Length: 9 pages, 5500 words
File size: 300KB
Publisher: Independently published by
My Secret Quill

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The first 100 words:

“Another sheep has gone missing, Mr Harris told me this morning,” the housekeeper, Mrs McMillan said in her broad Scottish accent, as she dusted the bookshelves properly.

“Really?” Henry Blythe replied automatically. He was not paying attention to his housekeeper, but replied every now and then with a non-commentarial comment.

Few people would let the housekeeper or servant talk endlessly to the master of the house, but then again, Mrs McMillan was more than a housekeeper. She was more like a part of the house itself and probably had been born there when the house was built, more than 150 years ago, in the beginning of the 18th century, Henry thought and then immediately got bad conscious.

He knew what Mrs McMillan was doing. She was doing what everyone else had tried to do the last three years, she was trying to take his mind of other things...

Tags: Werewolves, accident, Scotland, rough lovemaking, full moon.

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About this story

“Under the Full Moon” was written last autumn when I had the wonderful privilege to visit Scotland for the very first time. I travelled by train from Oxford to Edinburgh and later on visited the beautiful town Perth, which sparked my imagination.

The story was also influenced by the sensational style of Robert Louis Stevenson novel “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”.

I did quite a lot of background research for the story, including the changes in the law regarding divorce during the 19th century in Britain, the Burke and Hare body-snatcher murders in Edinburgh, and of course the legend around the Irish werewolves “Faoladh”.