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Author of the Month

My Secret Quill is pround to present this months author:
Heater Boyd, author of The Hunt Club Chronicles, The Distinguished Rogues, and other Regency stories.

About Heather Boyd

Regency can never be too hot!
Heather Boyd is the author of erotic romance with an historical bent. A fan of regency England settings, she writes m/f and m/m stories that push the boundaries of propriety and even break the laws of that time.

Brimming with new ideas, she frequently wishes she could type as fast as she can conjure up new storylines. Heather lives with her testosterone-fuelled family north of Sydney.

Her published work include:
The Distinguished Rogues (Chills, Broken & Charity), The Hunt Club Chronicles (Almost an Equal, Barely a Master & Hardly a Stranger) and short erotic romance One Wicked Night, In the Widow's Bed, Love Me Tender, Wicked Mourning and The Almack’s Alternative.


1.) Why do you write 19th century erotica and romance?

I write 19c romance because I fell in love with reading historical romance initially and started dreaming up my own storylines. However, I always liked the hotter books so my writing style--tending toward erotica--developed from there.

2.) Are you left or right-handed?

Right handed. For everything.

3.) Where do you write?

All over the house, actually. LOL. I have a work desk that I sit at most of the time, but I like to vary where I write to avoid boredom and stay comfortable. If it’s a cold day, you might find me tucked up in bed with a laptop. On a hot day, I’m in the coolest room in the house. I can even write on the go now I have an iPad.

4.) What is the first story you ever wrote?

Oh, I could tell you, but then I’d have to dispose of the body. Very messy. LOL. It was… a BADLY written fantasy. For about a minute, I thought I could be the next Katharine Kerr (author of the fabulous Deverry Series) but I came to my senses. I do much better with romance.

5.) How do you conduct your background research for your novels?

Research is ongoing. I research specifics for the story I’m about to work on but often find good information that isn’t relevant right then. Google books is a wonderful resource for the budget conscious historical author. You simply can’t buy every primary resource book that you’d like so getting the digital version is fast and pocket friendly. I read a lot of them via iPad’s iBook app.

6.) Coffee or tea?

I mainline both.

7.) What inspires you to write?

The better question would be what doesn’t. I’m very lucky so far. Story ideas are plentiful (and equally distracting). I had a new one over the Christmas weekend actually, when I should have been taking a writing break. That’s sort of how it goes for me. I stop working and a new idea springs up. This new one doesn’t fit with anything I have mapped out for the next six months so it’s going into the ‘when I have time’ folder.

8.) What is your favourite music?

I have pretty broad tastes. I listen to classical, rock, lots of instrumental tracks (often from movie soundtracks), and contemporary when writing. If there are lyrics, they have to be interesting.

9.) Which are your favourite authors in the Victorian / Regency genre?

Tough question. All of them! LOL. Sabrina Jeffries, Olivia Parker, Lavina Kent, Ava March, or take a peek at my Goodreads book list for more. I only put my keeper shelf books in there.

10.) What are you writing about right now and when can we expect the next book release?

I am currently finishing up my next release, Engaging the Enemy, due out on Valentines Day, 2012. My last, The Almack’s Alternative, is a collection of short erotic stories that would make a patroness faint. LOL.

Don't miss "The Almack's Alternative" by
Heather Boyd available on Amazon!

See all her books!

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Twitter: @Heather_Boyd

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