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Photos from Hyde Park and Kensington Garden, London

lamppost hyde park fog
Hyde Park where Prince Regent organized fireworks 1814 to mark the end of the Napoleonic Wars and where the Great Exhibition was held in 1851 (during Queen Victoria's reign).

victorian building park
So romantic and beautiful...

Italian garden style
This is the Italian Gardens from 1860-1. I have decided that one of my short stories from “Secrets and Seduction” will take place here...

statue kensington garden
Water nymph in Kensington Garden.

Old fashion photo london river
So beautiful and almost a little eerie... Winter picture of the river Serpentine.

Victoria gate london
Victoria Gate also called the Queen’s Gate. This entrance was completed in 1868 to coincide with the planned location of a new railway station (which later was built somewhere else) and the entrance was never used.

Hyde Park vintage photo
Did Jane Austen ever walked here, I wonder.

Cute little one
This little critter caught my attention...

Victorian photo Hyde Park
Only a little snow left on the ground in Hyde Park.

Sherlock holmes baker street 221B
Mr Holmes was not at home, but Dr Watson invited me in for tea...

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