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Photos from Venice, Italy

venice lamp post St Mark's square

Venice – probably the most romantic city in the world.
Classic iron-wrought lamppost and one of the statues at Piazza San Marco (also known as St Mark's Square) in Venice a foggy, November day.

most romantic city in the world

One of the hundreds of stone bridges that span across the numerous snaking canals.
The bridges are arched so that gondolas can travel under them, howeverit also render all type of transportation except by boat or by foot impossible.

Venice gondolas

The famous Venetian black-lacquered gondolas.

venetian palace

The inspiration behind Vercelli’s place from “A Thief in the Night”.
Venice is filled with beautiful palaces and churches were ever you go...

venice signs

These small signs with directions saved me from getting completely and utterly lost!

narrow alley Venice

Narrow alleys connect the slightly wider main streets.
Most of the houses are in various stages of weathering decay due to the humidity.

Venice vintage photos

Small square with an old statue.

venice old stone bridge

Venice by night. When I first visited Venice I walked along the canals and empty narrow streets during the night and I knew I would write a story set in Venice. (This is where I first met Emilio De Luca from “A Thief in the Night”, and Quinn politely introduced himself a little bit later...)

Venice by night romantic gothic

If you ever have writer’s block you should travel to Venice.
(Creative inspiration will hunt you down whether you want to or not.)

…Actually any reason (however flimsy) is a valid excuse for visiting Venice!

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