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Photos from Dartmoor, Devon

dartmoor ponies
The magical and rugged landscape of Dartmoor. This part of Dartmoor is close to Postbridge and the environment and landscape was a great inspiration for my short story “The Castle in the Mist” from “Corsets and Cravings”, where Nora walks from Twobridges to Postbridge and gets lost on her way...

nature photo Dartmoor
Typical Dartmoor picture, with rugged nature and large blocks of rocks called “Tors”.
I imagine that Piper lives just around those hills, however the exact location is unknown…

Dartmoor wildhorses Wild Dartmoor ponies.

vintage flower
This is one of the many wild flowers which you may find on the dryer parts of the moor.

River Dart
Summer picture of the river Dart crosses the landscape, which runs through Postbridge. In the area there are several old tinner huts and other archaeological sites.

Dartmoor lichen
Close-up on some lichen. All rocks are covered with the most fascinating types of moss and lichens.

Gothic nature photo
Tranquil and beautiful water picture.

Dartmoor animals
Sheep wanders wild here as well.

Dartmoor ledgend
I am not the only author who has borrowed the mystery of Dartmoor and incorporated it into their novels. In fact, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “Baskerville’s Hound” was also inspired by Dartmoor.

Cute little one
More wildflowers…

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