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Welcome to My Secret Quill!

Meet the secretive author Lady T. L. Jennings, who writes Victorian romance and erotica.

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Vintage Photos from Haworth in Yorkshire

venice vintage picturesWant to look behind the scene to my new story “Gentlemen under the Mistletoe”?

Come and join me to Haworth, where the Brontë sisters lived…

Curious to see more?

Book reviews

Four Stars to the novella “Complicated Affairs”

romance review

“The plot is simple but executed with precision, talent and wit. There are two amazing flawed, yet beautiful men who are so very different that you wonder how the author is going to make it work... ”

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4 Hearts from
Hearts on Fire

hearts on fire book review
“Complicated Affairs” was rewarded with four hears from the review site Hearts on Fire

Extract from the review:

“...Oh Sebastian. Such a scoundrel he is, always searching for his next lover, his next drink, his next way to get in trouble.”

...Read more!

Book Review from
A Succubi's Tale

gay historical romance
The short story "The Governess" recived 3 out of 5 pitchforks from

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Review at GraveTells

erotica recommendations "View of a Cemetery" the third short story from "Lust & Lace"
has been reviewed by Kendra Daniels at GraveTells and received 4.0 Hearts! Huzzah!

Read the full review here:

Erotica review

"...It's a lovely story..."

book review erotica romance

"Rated four stars by reader's reviews."

~ The Secret Diary ~

Gay victorian romance and historical novel

“The Secret Diary” ~The third and final book in The Dangerous Letters Trilogy by Lady T. L. Jennings has been released!

Read the final book about Frederick Whyatt in the Dangerous Letters Trilogy! Missing gentlemen, sinful masquerades, and a secret diary...

“The Secret Diary” in a full length gay historical romance Victorian novel to cuddle up with in bed!

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"I loved this! Descriptive, sensual
and a very pleasant read.
I enjoyed it very much."

Lady T. L. Jenning is currently writing...

erotica gay romance story
... on a new book called “Dark Secrets and Hawthorn Hill ~ A Gothic Romance Novel”

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Books availble in print

victorian erotica short story collections

My Secret Quill is proud to announce the printed versions of three short story collections by Lady T. L. Jennings!

Eighteen Victorian Romance and Erotic stories set in the 19th century Britain, a time where anything was possible and almost everything forbidden.

Tempted to continue? Read it!

Author of the Month

author of the month
Meet Brita Addams the author who incorporates the use of archaic English in her historical romance, which reviewers have said adds the flavor of the period to her stories.

Read more about Brita Addams, what inspires her, and her upcoming release "Demands of the Heart"...

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